The most advanced medical aesthetics device which combines three unique features for the face and body.

  2. MONO RF (Monopolar Radio Frequency)
  3. BIPOLAR RF (Bipolar Radio Frequency)

The RF machine Triple Energy Impact (TEI) are designed to benefit professionals of the benefits of electromagnetic energy. Radio frequencies are an effective and safe method for increasing the internal temperature of the dermis and fat tissue. The application field in alternative skin produces molecular motion between the water molecules and thus creating increased kinetic energy and heat due to friction with the surrounding molecules. This results in a uniform and deep heating of the treatment area. When the webs reach the constant temperature of 44-45 ° C, heat shock proteins are released by the effect of protecting the structure of proteins and collagen, to prevent their deterioration and restore them from collapsing which had come from aging. Thus activated mechanisms repair collagen and elastin fibroblasts resulting in improved ability to support the dermis and refreshing effect.

Results: Firming, Anti-Kolagonogenesi, Smoothing Cellulite


  •     Cavitation Fractional
  •     Linux OS for maximum performance
  •     System cooled head for painless and safe applications
  •     Different sizes of RF heads tips for more specialized treatments
  •     Without supplies