Women's Healthcare Plaza (Cabin - Body)
Essential Massage Oil 1000 ml
Massage oil, light yellow with essential oils.
Cooling Gel 1000 ml
Product cryo-therapist spectacularly gripping
Gel Thermal 1000 ml

Hyperaemic slimming gel - tightening.

Multiaction Body Cream 1000 ml

Body cream, light beige color with a pleasant aroma

Algae Complex 1000 ml
Green jelly, rich in active ingredients from herbal wealth of the sea for body care.
Massage Oil 1000 ml
Rich massage oil, based on vegetable oils and vitamins.
Exfoliating Body Scrub 1000 ml
Foaming cleanser with scattered granules.
Ultra Touch Gel 1000 ml
Gel with very high conductivity materials enriched refresh and hydrate the skin.
Εμφάνιση προϊόντων ανα σελίδα