Low Current Muscle Stimulation

In 1983 Libero Electronics embarked on research concerning the reinvigoration and stimulation of muscle groups that had been immobile for various reasons (strokes, long term bed confinement, etc.). The main stream thinking behind physiotherapy equipment is to stimulate the muscle groups with relatively high currents (100mA) and low voltages (100 to 140 Volts). The usual wave forms, sinusoid or variations thereof, with changes in frequency and voltage serve to shock the muscles in order to reactivate them.

Our research department, following a revolutionary approach, applied high voltage (220 to 240 Volts) and low current intensity (8 - 10 mA) using only positive wave forms. Three years of extensive experimentation produced a positive semi-triangular pulse at a maximum voltage of 240 Volts, maximum current intensity of 8mA and at a rehabilitating and strengthening range of frequencies from 10 to 90Hz.

This new type of pulse has shown that it:

  • can reach and stimulate any particular muscle group
  • does not cause pain and discomfort during therapy
  • does not provoke shock in the muscles
  • does not disturb the sensitive internal electric balance of healthy cells

The aforementioned pulse has been integrated in all of our muscle stimulation devices with very successful results both in slimming and tightening as well as lymphatic drainage devices.

Four Phase Lymphatic Circulation


As we know, every part of the human body is nourished by blood vessels through which the blood arrives as arterial and leaves as lymphatic. It is at this small blood vessel level that the lymphatic systems starts. It is through these lymphatic vessels that, on their way to the center (greater and lesser thoracic area), increase in diameter, that lymph flows, removing a large part of waste, metabolism by-products and other useless substances that the cells reject as well as bacteria thereby cleansing the intracellular fluid and maintaining the body's defense system vigilant.

The movement of lymphatic circulation is however very slow 300cc/H (arterial 350000cc/H). The main mechanism of lymphatic movement, skeletal muscle contractions, is further aided by the contractions of the walls of lymphatic vessels, about 10 per minute, that push the lymph along towards the center.

Accelerating Lymphatic Circulation

What we seek is an affective way in which to accelerate the lymphatic flow. As mentioned above, the contractions of the skeletal muscles play a major role in the lymphatic flow. Thus, In order to hasten the beneficial results of lymphatic circulation, Libero Electronics introduced in 1986 the first 4 phase lymphatic drainage device with electrical muscle stimulation. The muscle stimulation movement  begins at the calve, then the thigh, buttocks and chest muscles, effectively pushing the lymph along towards the center at an accelerated pace.

Further improvement in the 4 phase lymphatic process has been achieved with the introduction of FSS (Frequency Surround System) which stimulates the skeletal muscles more efficiently.

Frequency Surround System

FSS is a revolutionary innovation in the field of electronic muscle exercise devices. The method was developed based on a study analyzing the movement of muscles in great athletes.

In the early 1990's, Russian doctors and coaches were studying the factors that make some athletes perform better than others. They observed that the muscles of superior athletes, at the point of greatest effort present a slight fluctuation of their contraction frequency. With this as their starting point they began their extensive research.

After four years of muscle movement analysis the first conclusive results began to emerge. They showed that the muscles of gifted athletes, at maximum contraction, present small but systematic fluctuations in muscle contraction frequency.

It took another two years for a quantitative analysis of this phenomenon and of its energetic benefits.

The measurement showed that these fluctuations range from 2Hz to 5Hz and have a direct effect on the athletes' performance. They further showed that this is also the substance, a 10% to 30% increase in the work produced by the muscles. sff
therapeies The increase of work produced is in direct correlation with the fluctuation frequency i.e. that the maximum fluctuation (5Hz) produces the maximum increase in work production (30%).

Libero Electronics, a leader in innovations, using the above results as a base, introduced muscle contraction frequency fluctuation in the field of electronic muscle movement devices. We succeeded in converting the increase of produced work into visible results.

Research has shown that FSS produces 30% improved results in slimming, tightening and the treatment of cellulite.

FSS provides faster and more effective treatments.


Bioenergy informatic Science is the empirical study of different forms of quantifiable energy, including electrical field energy, torsion fields, brain waves, neurological emanations, and cellular and atomic radiations. This discipline focuses on how various tangible and subtle energies interact within, among and between biological systems and physical matter, and how information exchange drives certain healing functions and anomalous phenomena. As such, this is the official discipline of science which is essential to the professional study and clinical use of all traditional, holistic and collaborative healing methods.

The related practice of Bioenergy Therapy includes medical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, psychic healing such as Reiki, acupressure, electric acupuncture, laser, light, sound and color therapy, herbal medicine, biofeedback, telsa coil, psychotronic and radionic devices, magnetic treatments, and electro-neuro-muscular stimulation.

Bioenergyinformatic Science and Bioenergy Medicine is an internationally accepted university science.  Even the conservative Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, the ?M.I.T.? of Russia, has its own Bioenergy Department, complete with a Bioenergy Laboratory of specialized instrumentation.

On October 18, 1994, the US Congress established a special department of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), called the Office of Alternative Medicine [8].  The Federal budget for 1995 granted $5.4 Million for this program, to conduct clinical studies of collaborate health methods and technologies used in diagnosis and treatment.  The National Institutes of Health classifies bioenergy and energyinformation technologies in a category officially called "bioelectromagnetics."

Historically, the therapeutic properties of magnetic fields were known since ancient times. The use of natural magnets in therapies is first encountered in the works of Pythagoras. Hippocrates, Asclipus, Democrates and other physicians and philosophers of ancient Greece knew of the existence of the earth's own electromagnetic energy and the important role it plays for all living organisms. They named this energy Athina. By combining the earth's electromagnetic energy and that of natural magnets they achieved substantial therapeutical results.

This method of healing however was forgotten for many years. In the 16th century AD, Paracelsus started medical experiments with the use of natural magnets. Oersted, in 1820, observed the presence of an electromagnetic field around an electrical conductor; this was the first scientific approach and production of electromagnetic energy. Forty years later, Maxwell researched and developed electromagnetic theory and introduced the  term "electromagnetism".

The reaffirmation of the existence of this energy in the 1940's and 1950's, led doctors and researches in many countries to start systematic research in the use of electromagnetic waves in the treatment of chronic patients who showed no improvement using conventional therapies.

Contrary to popular misconception, a significant amount of scientific and clinical research, including double-blind studies, have been successfully conducted in the field of bioenergyinformatic science.

For example, antennae emitting amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields have been proven to effect the central nervous system, and pilot clinical studies reveal positive results in treating insomnia and hypertension. In Russia, low intensity sinusoidal electrofield radiation has successfully treated arthritis, ulcers, esophagitis, hypertension, chronic pain, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, and side effects of cancer chemotherapy.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields proved to accelerate soft tissue wound healing by increasing the rate of formation of epithelial cells. Alternating current electromagnetic fields successfully repaired injured vascular networks. In a clinical trial with osteoarthritis patients using double-blind, randomized protocol with placebo control, pulsed electromagnetic fields proved to cause substantially more improvements than in the placebo group. Related clinical studies show that applied magnetic fields effectively suppress cell membrane inflammatory responses. Research with rats has proved that electrostimulation at acupuncture points can enhance peripheral motor nerve regeneration, sensory nerve sprouting, and spinal cord regeneration.

Libero Electronics has integrated the use of Electromagnetic BioEnergy in its equipment, both in electronic muscle stimulation devices.